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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

18 Months Old!

Today is Carolina's half birthday! One and a half years!  The time is already flying by!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Trick or Treat!

A little late with the Halloween photos.  We had a great time trick or treating!  We went to my friend Carolyn's house for her annual Halloween cook out - so much fun!  Unfortunately, I had another food flop.  I don't know why I always try new things at her party.  This one didn't seem complicated - mummy dogs - hot dogs wrapped in strips of crescent roll dough.  They actually turned out pretty cute, but they had no eyes.  The peppercorns were in a grinder, and the lid did not come off, so no eyes.  Cara had her first bite of a hot dog and spit it right out.  Carolyn's neighborhood always goes all out with decorations, and people sit out on their front porch.  There were also several with dogs in costumes.  She had so much fun!  I thought she would be scared or too shy to really do much, but she carried her bucket and wanted to walk the  entire way.  She would go up on the porch and get the candy, then wave goodbye.  She didn't want to stop.  We went up and down one entire block.  She had no idea why everyone was doing all these crazy things, but she thought she looked cute, she knew the routine, and knew she had some kind of loot in her basket.  For my friends who want to know - of course, I was mean and she did not get to eat any of the candy.  Actually, I would have let her eat one piece, but she was so tired she just wanted her juice and went to sleep in the car.