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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Valentine's Day

Carolina working on her Valentine cards the night before.

  She loves presents and now she knows if there is a bag with tissue paper, something good is inside.

She got two videos - Lady and the Tramp because she loves to watch the dogs kiss.  She pants like a dog and makes kissing noises and laughs.  Winnie the Pooh because they are her favorite books, and now she recognizes Pooh when she sees him at the store.  She also got a book (that I actually bought for me) from my favorite series "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie"  This one is "Happy Valentine's Day, Mouse" and it has characters from several of the other books.  It is too cute!  She also got a monkey from Tia, which is not pictured - we will get him in later.

After presents, it was time to go to school - dressed for her Valentine party.  She picked out Valentines with dogs and cats to give to her friends at school.

More CNY

When we were getting ready to go for Chinese New Year, I decided to take a few pictures.

 This is how Carolina really feels about having her picture taken!  I usually weed these out, but need to keep a few to document her true feelings.

 These were taken after I got out the bubbles - bubbles are magic - you just can't act mad when there are bubbles around!

Chinese New Year

OK - I'm still really behind on posting!  Chinese New Year was on January 24th.  We went to celebrate at our very favorite place - Pho' Ever.  They had their celebration on the 28th.  

 Carolina had her favorite food of all time - rice!  And some rice noodles thrown in.

 If you have never been to a CNY celebration, you have no idea how very LOUD it is!  There are so many firecrackers you can't believe it!  They go on and on.  They have them before and after the lion dance.  I really thought that Cara was going to be scared, but she didn't even cry once.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Photo Shoot

January 7th was a photo shoot day for little cousin Zaxton, but Carolina wasn't about to miss out on her share of the attention! 

New Year's Eve/Day

So it's February - just a little late - but here is what Cara was doing at midnight on New Year's Eve!

The next morning is usually spent on the couch watching the Rose Parade.  The parade is never held on Sunday, so this year it was not on New Year's Day, but the next day.  Cara was waving to the Rose Queen!

The best tradition of all - cinnamon rolls while we watch the parade.  They almost look made from scratch ;)

This was Cara's favorite part of the parade - the surfing dogs!

After the parade, cooking with the Razzelberry Kitchen - yum!