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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Valentine's Day

Carolina working on her Valentine cards the night before.

  She loves presents and now she knows if there is a bag with tissue paper, something good is inside.

She got two videos - Lady and the Tramp because she loves to watch the dogs kiss.  She pants like a dog and makes kissing noises and laughs.  Winnie the Pooh because they are her favorite books, and now she recognizes Pooh when she sees him at the store.  She also got a book (that I actually bought for me) from my favorite series "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie"  This one is "Happy Valentine's Day, Mouse" and it has characters from several of the other books.  It is too cute!  She also got a monkey from Tia, which is not pictured - we will get him in later.

After presents, it was time to go to school - dressed for her Valentine party.  She picked out Valentines with dogs and cats to give to her friends at school.

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