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Thursday, July 28, 2011


We are finally home! What an amazing and exhausting trip! I was so sad that I couldn't blog in China, but honestly, I have no idea how anyone has time while they are there anyway. We just spent 18 hours on a plane with a baby climbing on our heads (those were the good times- the throw up - not so much). She is still sitting on me as I type. I am amazed at the number of things you can do learn to do while holding a baby - pretty much anything! You can use both hands, your knees, toes, etc.

OK - That was yesterday - can't seem to finish anything - can't imagine why. I thought that jet lag was really people just being dramatic. I was up for 28 hours straight from leaving the hotel in Hong Kong until we got home Wednesday night. Last night we went to bed at 3:00 am and woke up at 12:00 noon. When I woke up, it took a few seconds to realize that I really was not paralyzed from the neck down. Tonight she went to sleep at 11:30, so maybe we are on the road to normal.

I think now, I will start from the beginning of the trip, and do a little over the next few days. That will help summarize the days anyway.

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