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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Finally - what everyone's been waiting for .......


Here - finally - our sweet baby Carolina!

We were going to call her Cara, but in China, especially when people talk to babies, they say things with inflection, kind of sing-song. When we called her Cara, she just didn't respond. When we called her by her full name, Carolina (pronounced Caro-leena) and stressed the leena at the end, she would turn and look and smile.

She is very funny, has a quirky sense of humor, and an adorable personality. She also has a temper, and absolutely lets you know what she wants and doesn't want. Right now, she wants lots and lots of food!

We had such a horrific plane trip home, I really can't even describe it - 15 hours from Hong Kong to Detroit, then 3 more hours to OK - all with a mean, nasty, Delta flight crew - they were so mean to everyone on that plane it was unbelievable! Anyway, as soon as the plane landed in Detroit and we were getting our luggage, she threw up all over Ron and started screaming. I had to take off all her clothes and put her in the sling with only her diaper. We made it off the plane, but we were now behind more than 300 people to go through Immigration. She had all of her Immigration paperwork in a folder so she could enter the US and become a citizen. While we were in line, she threw up again, all over me, and her Immigration folder. We finally made it through Immigration and Customs, but we still had 4 more hours to get home. When we got to OK we were so happy to be off that plane! Then, she had to be put in a car seat for the first time - hated it! Then we got home and the wild animal Jaxon was waiting for her. She screamed her head off like she was being chased by a pack of wolves. Now they love each other - she took a piece of plastic cake and put it in his dog dish today! The whole ordeal was quite traumatic for all of us.

Since we have been home, she has been having some temper tantrums and crying a lot. We are finally on a regular sleeping schedule, and she has slept through the night for the past 3 nights. The doctor said a strict eating schedule will also help. She is laughing more than crying now, and every day she is happier, so I think she is feeling more at home and more rested. I'm sure she misses her life and family in China, and can't understand what has happened. Overall, she is adjusting amazingly well, and seems to be pretty much on target with her mental and physical development. The doctor is still evaluating her, but he thinks the heart murmur will not need surgery, and may be even be completely closed.

Fun facts about Carolina:

1. She has 4 teeth, and likes to suck her left thumb

2. She likes to stand on her head, look at you and laugh

3. She might be a lefty - holds bottle, waves etc. mainly with her left hand. She took a pencil and tried to write with her left hand

4. She likes to tease - she will act like she is going to give you something and then take it and laugh. She especially likes to do this to Jaxon!

5. She loves clothes - every night in the hotel, she took every one of her outfits from the suitcase, looked at it, and put it on the floor. She gets very excited when I show her clothes at the store, or someone gives her clothes as a gift.

6. She hates headbands and bows - her hair was cut when she was 8 months old, so everyone thinks she is a boy. She doesn't like them, but since all little girls here wear one, she is in training. She will now wear a headband for about 2-3 hours (people in China still asked if she was a boy - good grief!). I really don't care if she wears them or not, but it is cute, so we are trying (I have to agree with her, this one was a little big)

7. She loves taking a bath!

Every day she does something new that is so cute and funny! We all love her to death, and can't wait for everyone to meet her!


  1. She is just precious! The pic with hairbow is adorable!