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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Medical Exam Day

Wednesday, July 20th, we had an appointment to pick upthe adoption certificate and apply for the baby's Visa and passport. They would not allow any pictures in that building. We had the camera ready and almost had a great photo in front of the sign in the lobby, and a police officer said - "No photos!"

That night, all the families traveling with us, came from their baby's province to Guangzhou - everyone starts out in Beijing, then ends up with their babies in Guangzhou to get the baby's Visa and passport, and complete the US Immigration paperwork at the US Consulate. It just happened that our province was Guangzhou, so we were already there - one less plane trip!

Thursday, July 21st, we had the day off - no appointments. Probably so the families coming to Guangzhou could rest from the trip.

On Saturday, July 23rd, all the families in our group took the babies for their medical check to be cleared to enter the US. We took a private bus to the medical office, which is a lot like a DHS office. There were so many babies there! You just go in, stand in line, and visit 3 rooms - one room to check for temperature, and any obvious signs of anything contagious. One room to check eyes, ears, nose, throat. One room to get measured and weighed. As you can see, she did not like any part of this. The good news, it was quick, and we were out of there!

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